Larapinta Trail 2016

The Larapinta Trail through central Australia is one of the seven Great Walks of Australia and is noted as one of the top ten walks in the world. 

When global law firm and ICV pro-bono partner DLA Piper asked for an opportunity to involve staff more in ICV’s work, Larapinta was the perfect fit.

In August, in collaboration with Huma Charity Challenge, a division of World Expeditions, ten women from DLA Piper set off on what would become a physical, emotional and spiritual journey.

With a desire to increase their cultural knowledge of Indigenous Australia, the women were accompanied by ICV staff member Nina Tsernjavski and Deanella Mack, who has a cultural awareness tourist business which ICV helped get off the ground some years ago.

Dee (below left) has become a great champion for ICV and gave the group a real insight into Arrernte culture, from both traditional and contemporary perspectives. She led the group on a guided walk through Standley Chasm and joined them around the campfire to yarn.

The DLA Piper group also had a great opportunity to learn more about ICV and see first-hand the strength of our relationships with communities and the positive impact of projects we engage in. 

Overall the group raised $40,000 for ICV, a fantastic effort! Congratulations to everyone who took part, we are delighted it was such a rewarding experience.