Engaging and Inspiring young people to achieve in Wreck Bay

Located on the south coast of New South Wales, Wreck Bay is a beauty to behold. Surrounded by white sands, clear blue waters, diverse marine life and Booderee National Park.

The area has a rich cultural heritage, being home to the Yuin people and held as a place of great significance due to its abundant resources and location.

The local community members are committed to improving educational and career outcomes for Aboriginal students. Guramaa Global Indigenous Corporation (GGIC) was formed to explore different ways to engage and inspire young people to achieve their potential through activities that are relevant, interesting and fun.

GGIC has developed a number of unique learning programs that will embed into the curriculum of the local schools. Enabling and encouraging students to aspire, and focus on a career of their choice.

[Photo: Leon Brown (left) with Wreck Bay students]

The programs will include using natural and cultural environments as teaching and learning spaces; creating stories in English and Dhurga language using symbols students develop; teaching values associated with the natural, cultural and surfing environments.

“We provide a different type of support using an individualised approach clearly identifying what the students’ interests are to support their educational processes while they are at school,” GGIC CEO Leon Brown said.

The goals of these programs are to:

  • Promote better educational and career outcomes,
  • Promote the integration of Aboriginal culture and perspectives,
  • Improve school engagement and attendance of Aboriginal students,
  • Improve and maintain the transfer of Koori knowledge to Aboriginal students,
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity for all students, and
  • Increase the opportunity for educational activities on country for all students.

ICV volunteer Ken has worked with the GGIC team and key stakeholders to complete a number of projects, including partnership agreements and a business plan.

“ICV has a significant role through people like (Community Development Officer) Michelle and Ken. It has enabled the corporation to develop proficiently, “Mr Brown said.

“We have worked really well as a team.”

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