Big news for Littlewell

On the outskirts of Mingenew, a small town 100km south east of Geraldton in WA lies a significant Aboriginal Reserve called Littlewell.

Established in 1898, the now abandoned Littlewell Reserve has a rich history and significance to the local Aboriginal people who lived there until the early 1970s.

Former residents have a real passion for sharing their story and a drive to ensure their future generations have a sense of belonging, so they created a working group to establish a heritage precinct on the Reserve.


Thomas (left) with ICV volunteer Peter (right).

Thomas (left) with ICV volunteer Peter (right). 

The Littlewell Working Group’s goal was to develop a heritage trail with accompanying audiovisual tour to commemorate the lives of the people who once called Littlewell home. 

ICV connected the group with skilled volunteer Peter who provided support by recording the stories of former Littlewell residents to be used for the tour.

Peter also worked with the group on a funding submission to Lotterywest. Excitingly, the submission was recently approved, and with the stories of Littlewell recorded, construction of the trail will soon begin.

 “I'm excited and emotional to achieve a successful outcome in regards to finance for our heritage, culture, identity and place of belonging.” – Thomas, Littlewell Working Group member and former Littlewell resident. 


Thomas and Peter standing on the location where a Littlewell house once stood.