ICV believes that corporate financial, social, and environmental responsibility is something all organisations should embrace.

Given the extent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage, ICV is committed to using all the support we receive to maximum impact.

ICV therefore pledges to invest and manage all of the monies entrusted to it wisely, efficiently, effectively, and ethically, for the purposes of assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to improve their wellbeing.

ICV is a registered charity and non-profit organisation. Our work is only possible because of private donations, corporate sponsorship, philanthropic trusts and foundations grants, and federal and state government funding.

We also receive much-needed in-kind support from a wide range of organisations, all committed to creating a brighter future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

In 2013-14, ICV counted on the invaluable support of many people, organisations and business. In particular we would like to thank:


DLA Piper, our RAP partner, including panel discussions and interaction with community

EY, our Auditors, which also included us in a panel discussion on Women in Leadership

The Human Resource Centre

BHP Billiton for its in kind support

The Australian Government, in particular DFAT, for providing skilled volunteers

KPMG, for its targeted financial services support and strategic advice

JB Were, for its sound advice and support to achieve long term financial independence

An Indigenous Australian owned company offering an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled Spring Water” visit

If you or your organisation would like to partner with ICV, please call us on 1800 639 565.