Lieutenant General John Sanderson, AC (Retd)


The distinguished career of Lieutenant General John Sanderson, AC (Retd) includes more than 40 years of operational command and Australian strategic defence and security planning. He was Chief of the Australian Army until 1998, and Governor of Western Australia for five years to retirement in 2005. 

General Sanderson has had a long-term interest in the philosophy and the practical dimensions of international intervention and is extensively published on these subjects. Following from his command of the United Nation Force in Cambodia he has lectured extensively on peace building and is a strong advocate of human rights as the basis of national and international reconciliation. He has advised successive Western Australian governments on their relationship with Aboriginal people, including as Chair of the Indigenous Implementation Board up to February 2011.

Lieutenant General John Sanderson, AC (Retd) is presently a Board Member of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, and the Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law at Griffith University. He also works pro bono with a number of organisations committed to social justice and equality.

“Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have achieved so much over the years. I’m honoured to be invited to work alongside Indigenous Community Volunteers to achieve their vision for a brighter future”.

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