Brian Gleeson


Brian Gleeson is a senior executive leader with over 40 years experience in executive leadership roles and capacity development within both the Australian Public Service and the United Nations.

He is well-known and respected in international affairs and is a strong advocate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander affairs. He recently completed his four-year statutory role as the Coordinator General for Indigenous Services which provided oversight of all Government (State and Federal) activities relating to the delivery of services to 29 Indigenous communities.

As an ICV Ambassador, Brian hopes to contribute all his energy to help ICV achieve its goals and aspirations, and use his extensive networks and experiences to advocate support for ICV.

“I’ve seen for myself the long-term benefits of how ICV works in community which is why ‘partnership and working by invitation’ is absolutely best practice. Community leaders and Elders identify what their community needs to be stronger safer places and ICV works alongside them to help make that happen”.

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