Workplace Giving

Donating to ICV is the single most powerful thing you can do to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people build a brighter future.

Workplace giving is a simple and tax-effective way for you to make regular donations to ICV through each pay. Giving this way means you get the immediate tax deduction benefits and you don’t need to collect receipts through the year.                                                          

It’s such an easy way to give.

How does workplace giving benefit me?

  • You can donate as little or much as you like

  • You can opt out anytime

  • No need for receipts. Each pay period, your donation is deducted before tax. This means that your taxable income is reduced, giving you more money in your pocket.

  • Workplace giving cuts costs. As your donation is automatically deducted from your pay, it reduces administration and stationery costs so more money means more help for the communities who need it most.

  • Many companies choose to match employee donations, doubling the impact your support provides to Indigenous communities across Australia.

Did you know?

You can make your charitable donations go further through payroll giving. It costs you less to give more. Assuming a marginal rate of 30%, a donation from your pre-tax salary of:

  • $20 may only cost you $14

  • $40 may only cost you $27

  • $80 may only cost you $56

  • $150 may only cost you $105

How to sign-up for workplace giving

Your employer may already have a workplace giving program in place, in which case all you need to do is let your company’s payroll officer know you’d like to donate to ICV through each pay.

If your employer doesn’t yet have a program in place, setting one up is easy and we can help your employer get started.

For more information, please contact our Support Relationships team on 1800 639 565 or at